Dotted Batik shirt


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Discover our Dotted Batik Shirt, a vibrant synthesis of traditional Indonesian Batik artistry and contemporary style. Crafted through meticulous wax-resist dyeing, Batik unveils intricate patterns, and our shirt adds a playful touch with captivating dots.

With a Camp collar, half sleeves, and statement wooden buttons, this 100% cotton masterpiece seamlessly merges cultural richness and modern design.

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Batik is an Indonesian technique of using melted wax as a resist on the whole fabric. The areas that have been waxed would not be penetrable by the dye, therefore leaving those areas as the colour of the original cloth. After dyeing, the non-waxed parts on the shirt would then form designs. Batik fabric is often seen with patterns like dots and lines.

Shirt Details: Short-sleeved Batik shirt with wooden buttons.

Collar style: Regular collared.

Material:100% handwoven cotton.

The model’s height is 5″4 and is wearing a size M.

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