Founded in 2018, Filemot was born out of the need to develop garments that are meant for everybody. This is our first principle, which drove us at Filemot, to customize our sizing in order to make it more neutral.

We also realize that as a world we need to have brands and enterprises that strive to be more ethical and sustainable. In the future it’s not going to be a choice to be so, but a prerequisite for our existence. Thus, as a brand we make conscious decisions to do so and this is where we get our second principle from.

Thirdly and most importantly, Filemot is a brand that is dedicated to be a part of the movement in bringing traditional crafts and printing techniques to the general public for everyday purposes. We want to demystify traditional prints and help grow the artistry attached to it. For this, we closely work with artisans to develop prints in collaboration with them.


Bringing traditionally crafted and home grown garments to you

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